Odessa in Ukraine – the place of humour and heat, the sun and entertainments. Odessa – the city of the southern region which is known to many guests is located on the coast of the Black Sea. Having visited Odessa, the tourist or the guest, on business or for a meeting, everyone falls in love with our charming city.

That, maybe, it is better and more convenient, private, full, house or villa, in the city which contains in itself(himself), all necessary functions of comfortable and safe accommodation also allows at any time, to enjoy fresh sea air.

Daily, to rent our Luxury villa, coming to the city of Odessa, for several days, for rest and vacation, economically and conveniently. Lack of problems with the parking of your car, other guests on villa, existence of a set of bedrooms and additional restrooms, the pool and a sauna, allows, in at one time, to place up to 20 people, at one price, accommodation on villa.

Daily rent villa in Odessa – it is favorable; Existence of a large number of bedrooms and their complete set, the pool, a sauna, a terrace with a tremendous view of the sea is the right and convenient choice during your stay in Odessa.

Rivera beach is only a 5 minute walk from the villa.

Riviera – Beach entertainment complex. It is the beach, night club and restaurant, on the seashore, at the 12th station of the Big Fountain. In club, the dance music, a disco plays. The bar works.

The beach Riviera complex, offers services, holding banquet actions, various format. On the beach, are provided, different services, are the pool, a shower, chaise lounges, the scooter etc. are rented.

Distance from villa to the beach in Arcadia Odessa and night, summer, clubs, Ibiza and Itaka 5 minutes of driving.
Central Airport is 6.9 km from the this Luxury Villa.
Main Street, the cities of Odessa – Deribasovskaya, is located, in 25 minutes of driving from villa.
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